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Webisode 1: Growing Up Goon Affiliated

Webisode 1: Growing Up Goon Affiliated

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Plies' new album GOON AFFILIATED is in stores and online everywhere June 8th! Pre-order your copy now at

Plies' new album GOON AFFILIATED is in stores and online...

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on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 10:22am
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Plies' new album GOON AFFILIATED is in stores and online everywhere June 8th! Pre-order your copy now at

Average: 4.5 (4 votes)


Mr.Go Getta's picture

I think that's relationship you and your brother,is how it supposed to be.I admire that,because i had to witness the murder of my brother,the streets love no one.That's how i looked up to my older brother,The things you saying to your brother plies i wish i can say it to mine.God bless and stay real.

drippinbutta88's picture

I swear plies da hottes out, and the most under estimated .... i luv him

mzhottottie's picture

Hey Plies and Big Gates i admire your story and despite of everything you've been thru u still stayed strong thru your struggles, trials, and tribulations and u accomplished everything u dreamed of. I like the fact that ur willing to help others if they have the potentials it seems that ur not haters like some of the others that have made it in the game. My brother raps we reside in Mobile, AL and he's been in the game for a min now but no one seems to wanna give him a chance everyone is going by who they know talent doesn't seems to matter anymore like back in the days. And then u got those that hate on how u look if ur an decent looking person from a male point of view. He has two videos out on youtube, i've posted them on your twitter page and on this website all we want is someone to give him a chance so we can provide for our family and get out of the ghetto. I hope you get a chance to read this. And by the way i am a very BIG FAN of yours and i LOVE your accent. Take care and keep on blessing others if u can. God has blessed you to be wealthy and rich to reward the poor. Oh, last but not least the songs are titled Hustle All Day and Time Fly.

GXI1212's picture

Plies and Big Gates I thank god for making real people like yall! I look up to yall! Comin up in the hood of ft. lauderdale plies dawg you helped me get through that! I hear people all the time dissin you like they know you but I got you big hommie!! Salute!!!

dmoorebsw's picture

Thanks Plies and Big Gates, for being humble, down to earth and real. I appreciate all you do for us, please don't lose your drive.