Plies - XXL Magazine - June 2010 - Page 1

Plies - XXL Magazine - June 2010 - Page 1
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Posted by Michele
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Dear Plies.
I just want to let you know that i LOVE your music. Since day one i been bumping your music in my car. I really wish that you would show love to MY small of florida( BLOUNTSTOWN). We some real Plies FANS out here. You visit everywhere else but the small counties ,and thats really where your loyal fans are.

I love this picture

Damn diz niqqa sexi iz hell...lova the pic

love this pic got it on my computer screen savor so fine

Hey.....Plies this ya girl Samone just getting at you I'm feeling the XXL cover you look damnnn good.I just wanted you to know that a real nigga do real things and fake nigga sit back and hate because I see the real shit you do like helping that young lady go to college and I'm glad you aint like the rest of rappers in music world. You are the realest rapper I know honestlyand I respect you for that!!!!

So sexy OMG

i love u plies my god u look so damn goood

u look sexy... bt this isnt tha issue i saw n stores

u da goon homie.