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hey yayo plies i seek a mean for obtain a planning of time to do several things that permit me of become into some year plies, per this program who will guide my steps.
Good Evening Mr. Algernod Lanier Washington I am writing you today to plead with haste, hoping to get understanding and receive your instructions. It based on the path of success and wanting to makechanges with an AMERICAN group of men in the selection of discs to move in radio, nightclub and otherUrban areas, I ask to receive help for these lessons as it is quite possible that ruin and collapse comes suddenlyin these activities because of insanity future thatcontradict me to get a few people around that even after your arrival. In fact, the execution of this incredible work invest advantage over the economic environment in which this response is an occupation of reference for land properties closer by trips to AMERICA explorers, admirers and also increase the sale items because the Greater Economic Power remains in AMERICA. Known for certain, this strange work assembled by a deliberate person will develop an action capable of entertaining, relaxing on some extensive territory because it already covers the EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA but has reached AMERICA because of the large number of investment have made it for better performance. The innovation of this new work called the (WORKING AMERICAN CUT in The American SHIFTED) is one of my designs currently interruption due to lack of economic resources and the country to recover. This implementation will lead to glory where I will rest, will be a work which shoed the glory of the nations, which could cause all the glory that I will get to you bandaged the wounds of IVOIRIENNE NATION caused by striking events of 19 September 2002 and so far we terrors. It gives freedom to every citizen with the AMERICAN way and want it provided an increase in abundance within this creates to get the glory in a split second, she put a relationship and unbreakable alliance with several other Nations in order to complete this territory 50 more united country with the glory of any nation. Thank you and please have consideration for this message. I wish you a year full of success and future success. Thank you I undersigned MOUGNIN EMMANUEL